Introducing Squaretech Perth's Cybersecurity as a Service:

Don't wait for a cyber-attack to happen - proactively protect your business with our advanced security solutions. At Squaretech Perth, we specialize in providing top-notch cybersecurity solutions to all types of businesses. Our goal is to provide our clients with peace of mind, knowing that their sensitive information and operations are secure.

Our team of experts stays up to date on the latest threats and technologies to ensure that your company is protected from cyber-attacks. With our comprehensive cybersecurity services, you can focus on your core business activities while we safeguard your digital assets.

At Squaretech Perth, we understand the critical importance of robust and reliable cyber security solutions in today's digital landscape. With our cutting-edge technology and industry-leading expertise, we offer comprehensive cyber security services to safeguard your business from evolving threats. Partner with us and experience the highest level of protection for your organization's valuable assets.

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If you have or had any issues related to Cyber Security & Threats, Squaretech Perth is the answer. Brilliant problem-solving skills and smart techniques, only come with years of experience and successful implementation. Do yourself a favor & consult with this firm.

Why Choose Squaretech Perth?

  • Cyber Security Risk Audits

    Cybersecurity Risk Audits are not a luxury; they are a necessity for businesses and devices. They serve as the shield that defends against cyber-attacks and data breaches. As proactive custodians of digital innovation, “SqaureTechPerth” understand that investing in these audits is a fundamental aspect of their cybersecurity strategy. By doing so, they prepare for the inevitable - not "if" but "when" an attack occurs. Be prepared, be proactive, and secure your digital assets through thorough Cybersecurity Risk Audits.

  • Cyber Awareness Training Education

    In our Cybersecurity Awareness Training program, empower individuals and organizations to navigate the digital world safely. Discover the latest strategies to protect your data, recognize threats, and fortify your online defences. Stay ahead of cyber risks and become a vigilant guardian of your digital presence with SquareTechPerthcyber awareness training education. Let's work together to enhance cybersecurity and ensure a safer online environment for your business and your devices.

  • IT Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

    In today's digital era, IT Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) is essential for organizations. GRC sets governance rules, defines responsibilities, manages risks, and ensures compliance with regulations.

    At Squaretech Perth, we tailor governance models, assess and manage risks, and maintain compliance with industry standards. Our expertise safeguards your IT assets, protects data integrity, and guides your business strategy in a world of growing digital threats.

    The Australian Signals Directorate has devised essential cyber threat mitigation strategies called the Essential Eight. It focuses on safeguarding Windows-based networks. Although adaptable to other systems, different environments may require alternative strategies. The Essential Eight consists of techniques like application control, patching, and multi-factor authentication. At Squaretech Perth, we implement these strategies to shield our clients against evolving cyber threats.

  • Proactive Ransomware Protection:

    Squaretech Perth employs the most advanced security solution, to effectively mitigate ransomware attacks. Ransomware, a significant threat encrypting data for ransom payments, affects various entities from corporations to individuals.

    Our advanced Cyber Security Protection utilizes behavioural analysis to detect ransomware and boot record attacks, preventing unauthorized file encryption.

    Its CryptoGuard technology identifies malicious software attempting encryption, restoring data to its original state, thus nullifying the impact of ransomware attacks. Our Solution also integrates with our Advanced Firewall Solution, ensuring synchronized security, protecting against targeted ransomware attacks.

    Furthermore, Squaretech Perth offers additional protection through exploit prevention, XDR (extended detection and response), MDR (Manage Detection and Response) and unified defence mechanisms. This comprehensive approach, coupled with real-time intelligence sharing and automatic threat response, safeguards networks and endpoints from evolving ransomware threats, providing robust security for organizations of all sizes.

  • Next-Gen Cybersecurity & Endpoint Protection:

    Today's digital landscape demands a shift from traditional cybersecurity to next-gen solutions. With cyber threats growing in complexity, endpoint protection has become a primary concern. Next-gen cybersecurity offers real-time defense, identifying and preventing threats that older systems can't. It secures endpoints, recognizing suspicious activities, and promotes user awareness.

    At Squaretech Perth, we're experts in next-gen cybersecurity. Our tailored solutions safeguard your digital assets, ensuring business continuity in a mutating threat environment. Stay ahead with us.

  • Data Loss and Prevention:

    In today's data-driven world, safeguarding sensitive information is paramount. Data loss can result from various factors, including cyber threats, human error, and system failures. Without adequate prevention measures, data loss can lead to severe consequences.

    Squaretech Perth offers a comprehensive suite of data loss prevention services, including cybersecurity measures, data encryption, access controls, regular backups, and user training to protect valuable data assets and ensure business continuity.

A single attack, whether it’s a data breach, malware, ransomware or DDoS attack, costs companies of all sizes an average of $200,000, and many affected companies go out of business within six months of the attack, according to insurance company Hiscox..

Advanced Email Security Services

  • Squaretech Perth's Advanced Email Security Services

    At Squaretech Perth, we specialize in comprehensive email security solutions tailored to protect your business from cyber threats. Our expert team implements robust multi-factor authentication setups, deploys advanced email authentication protocols, and offers domain name protection services to prevent unauthorized access and spoofing attempts.

    Additionally, we provide tailored training sessions to enhance your employees' awareness of email scams and phishing tactics. By partnering with Squaretech Perth, you can fortify your business against email-related cyber threats and ensure a secure communication environment for your organization.

    This guide provides information on protecting your business from email-based cyber threats. Email is commonly targeted by cybercriminals who can gain unauthorized access to private communications, steal sensitive information, commit fraud, or impersonate business representatives. The guide recommends the following protective measures:

    1. Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

    2. Protect Your Domain Names (MFA)

    3. Set Up Email Authentication Measures

    4. Protect Your Privacy

    5. Implement Policies and Procedures

    6. Training and Awareness

    7. Remain Vigilant and Informed

    By following these measures, you can enhance your business's email security and reduce the risk of falling victim to cybercrimes.

    Contact us today to learn more about our specialized email security services and safeguard your business from potential cyber risks.


    Prevent your nightmares by selecting the best options that suit


    $13.53 /per month

    Safeguard your workstations with our advanced security measures. We implement robust endpoint protection solutions to prevent malware, ransomware, and other cyber threats from compromising your systems.


    $11.98 /per month

    Protect your organization from phishing attacks, spam, and malicious email attachments with our advanced email security solutions. We employ cutting-edge technologies to filter out harmful content and secure your communication channels.


    $12.98 /per month

    Ensure the safety and recoverability of your Microsoft 365 mailbox data. Our backup solutions offer regular backups, allowing you to restore critical emails and attachments in case of accidental deletion, data loss, or a security incident.


    $35.00 /per month

    Safeguard your important files and documents stored in Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint. Our backup services ensure that your data is protected, even in the event of accidental deletion, data corruption, or cyber attacks.



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